How we deliver your logs!

We thought we’d give you a little insight into how we deliver our premium quality logs from our drying storage facility in North of Colchester to your lovely cosy wood store.

seasoned logs- delivery-colchester

Before we load the logs the storage crate is checked to ensure the moisture content is at it’s optimum.  This is checked regularly to see how our logs are drying.  If required we will demonstrate the Moisture content on arrival.


Colchester-log delivery


The logs are delivered on our trailer still in their drying facility, this is forklifted onto the trailer at base.




seasoned log- delivery-colchester


When you place your order we will ask what we will need to get your logs to their new home.

On this occaision a wheelbarrow was required.






Log delivery-colchester-wheelbarrow


There is generally 10 large wheel barrows to each container.



log storage-delivery-colchester



We will stack your logs in their new home.  On this occaision it was a dedicated log shed….Lovely!

Getting the stock in for next year!

We’re getting ready to supply lovely seasoned hardwood for next year.

Not only are we flat out selling the seasoned hardwood, that has been prepared for this years sales, but we are also busy accumulating wood for next years season. We are storing it ensuring it has a minimum of a year to season.  Some of the wood we are collecting already has a low moisture content so is being stored in the airy log driers.


It was such a cracking autmun day.  What could be better than being amoungst the trees on a day like this.

People stocking up!

Our trailer has been busy recently with new and existing customers stocking up for the winter ahead.

Our seasoned hardwood logs are kept dry until transfered into the method of delivery either the trailer load or the bags below.



Some customers are more suited to the smaller deliveries but are still taking advantage of the multiple purchase discount.

Bags of Kindling are proving popular as well

Handy storage boxes for your logs

Firewood storage crates

We are selling some of our storage boxes because we feel they are so handy and have witnessed how some of our valued customers struggle for space to store our Logs.



These boxes are ideal for storing the logs and keeping the moisture content down letting the air pass through. All you need to do is keep them covered.

Dry firewood storage crates



They are supplied a natural colour, which will fade to a dull colour or can be decorated to suit your colour scheme. They measure 1.2m x 1.00m x 1.0m high.


We are selling these boxes delivered for £25.



Lighting a fire!

Although there are lots of accomplished fire lighters out there, we’d thought we’d share our tried and tested way of lighting a fire with you.

Scrunch paper to light a fire


We scrunch up lots of newspaper and make a lovely bed.


Lighting a fire with kindling




Then we cover with lots of One Man and His Log kindling



Light your fire with a match or lighter





Light with a match or a lighter in several places.


Put your log on your lit kindling



Once the fire has caught the kindling gently lower a log onto the fire, preferably selecting a smaller log to start with.

Then sit back and stoke as necessary!

How to get the best from your logs

Not all logs are the same!  The different type of timber give off various sort of heat.  We detail what to look for to achieve the optimum from your wood.

It’s essential that all the logs that you burn in your stove, woodburner or open fire are fully seasoned and below 25% moisture content.  If the logs don’t meet this criteria they won’t burn as efficientially and can lead to problematic build up of deposits in your chimney.

These deposits  of creosote or resinous material can cause serious problems with chimney fires, or prevent the chimney functioning properly. This can allow harmful fumes to escape into the dwelling. It’s important that once you have loaded your fire that you get the fire to burn intensely, this will stop harmful gases build up as they are burnt off.  Once there is only charcoal or embers left then shut the fire down to burn slowly.  Newly added wood set to burn slowly creates smoke and creosote in the chimney.  It is good practice to have your chimney swept at least twice a year.

This is the reason that One man and His Log ensure that all the logs that supplied all have a moisture content below 25%.  However it is important to bring your logs in a day before use to let any residual moisture evaporate.

If you are concerned that the logs that you have bought from another supplier are too wet then we can test the moisture for you at your home, we can then advise you how to store your logs properly, essentially letting lots of air flow through?


Local, sustainable firewood


Like beer and smoked kippers, we believe some of the best fire logs come from our doorstep in East Anglia. We scour the countryside to find woods and forests which need rejuvenating. On a farm near Colchester, the logs are seasoned, until they reach the optimum dryness and then we deliver the logs directly to your fireplace.

Because we only cut trees which are in need of clearing, rather than farming acres of trees for logging, our deliveries are only hardwood and a mixture of wood species. This means your delivery will be both eclectic and sustainable.

The logs are a mixture of Ash, Oak, Beech and Lime. Each log is carefully processed and graded to a rough 8-10″ length and then stored in our airy log dryers. When the logs are dry enough (a moisture content below 25%) then they are separated and delivered straight away – lucky fellas jumping the queue!

Please note that we have had to bolster our stock by sourcing additional wood to keep our valued customers warm and supply our increasing amount of new customers.  As we are aware of the importance of our woodlands for the future we have insisted that our timber is all from a sustainable source.


local logs

Splitting in the snow

Despite the recent wintery weather, we’ve been outside splitting all the lovely new wood which we’ve come across recently. You’d think that taking an axe to some trees would warm you up, but even with five layers we’ve still been freezing!

This crop of wood is now stacked and busy seasoning. It will be ready for next winter when the moisture content is at the optimum level.