Local, sustainable firewood

Like beer and smoked kippers, we believe some of the best fire logs come from our doorstep in East Anglia. We scour the countryside to find woods and forests which need rejuvenating. On a farm near Colchester, the logs are seasoned, until they reach the optimum dryness and then we deliver the logs directly to your fireplace.

Because we only cut trees which are in need of clearing, rather than farming acres of trees for logging, our deliveries are only hardwood and a mixture of wood species. This means your delivery will be both eclectic and sustainable.

The logs are a mixture of Ash, Oak, Beech and Lime. Each log is carefully processed and graded to a rough 8-10″ length and then stored in our airy log dryers. When the logs are dry enough (a moisture content below 25%) then they are separated and delivered straight away – lucky fellas jumping the queue!

Please note that we have had to bolster our stock by sourcing additional wood to keep our valued customers warm and supply our increasing amount of new customers.  As we are aware of the importance of our woodlands for the future we have insisted that our timber is all from a sustainable source.


local logs