How we deliver your logs!

We thought we’d give you a little insight into how we deliver our premium quality logs from our drying storage facility in North of Colchester to your lovely cosy wood store.

seasoned logs- delivery-colchester

Before we load the logs the storage crate is checked to ensure the moisture content is at it’s optimum.  This is checked regularly to see how our logs are drying.  If required we will demonstrate the Moisture content on arrival.


Colchester-log delivery


The logs are delivered on our trailer still in their drying facility, this is forklifted onto the trailer at base.




seasoned log- delivery-colchester


When you place your order we will ask what we will need to get your logs to their new home.

On this occaision a wheelbarrow was required.






Log delivery-colchester-wheelbarrow


There is generally 10 large wheel barrows to each container.



log storage-delivery-colchester



We will stack your logs in their new home.  On this occaision it was a dedicated log shed….Lovely!