About us

At one man and his log, we scour the local countryside to find woods and forests which need a trim, season the logs for at least a year on a farm near Colchester, and deliver the logs directly to your door. We’ll even stack them for you!

Because we only cut trees which are in need of clearing, rather than farming acres of trees for logging, our deliveries are a mixture of wood but all hardwood. This means your delivery will be both eclectic and sustainable.

We are local lads from Colchester with a love of the great outdoors and chopping up logs. The jury is out as to who is the man and who the log.

As a statement of quality, all of our firewood has been felled by ourselves and only hardwood is split and seasoned for our clients, we provide only the best products that both ourselves and our existing clients are happy to recommend.


We take great pride in our producing our firewood and want to ensure our product is the best