Local, sustainable firewood


Like beer and smoked kippers, we believe some of the best fire logs come from our doorstep in East Anglia. We scour the countryside to find woods and forests which need rejuvenating. On a farm near Colchester, the logs are seasoned, until they reach the optimum dryness and then we deliver the logs directly to your fireplace.

Because we only cut trees which are in need of clearing, rather than farming acres of trees for logging, our deliveries are only hardwood and a mixture of wood species. This means your delivery will be both eclectic and sustainable.

The logs are a mixture of Ash, Oak, Beech and Lime. Each log is carefully processed and graded to a rough 8-10″ length and then stored in our airy log dryers. When the logs are dry enough (a moisture content below 25%) then they are separated and delivered straight away – lucky fellas jumping the queue!

Please note that we have had to bolster our stock by sourcing additional wood to keep our valued customers warm and supply our increasing amount of new customers.  As we are aware of the importance of our woodlands for the future we have insisted that our timber is all from a sustainable source.


local logs

How many logs do I get?

That’s the question we frequently get from our new customers

As standard we deliver 1.3m3 of logs…they look like this!

seasoned logs delivered - colchesterseasoned logs - colchester- delivered



These customer’s chose not to have them stacked!

Seasoned firewood- Colchester - stacked logs









This customer took advantage of our skill set!





Dry firewood storage cratesSeasoning in the crate prior to delivery…..




3 Loads ready to go out on delivery….

logs- colchester- firewood

Seasoned stock ready to go!

Seasoned firewood- Colchester- CO postcode- deliveredWe have been busy getting stock together!

seasoned firewood is processed into these crates and covered to ensure optimum low moisture content to warm you on those chilly evenings.

We continue to monitor to ensure all our deliveries are below 25% moisture content.


Quality Bespoke Log Stores

We’re branching out!

Log store-delivered-quality-unique

We build these bespoke log stores to home your quality seasoned logs in.  We will visit you and survey the best location for your store then build the store to your specification ensuring attention to detail and using substantial solid materials to ensure a store that  will last you a long while.

Log store-delivered-national-qualityYou can choose the style, colour and finish from various selections.  We can also offer extensive ground work to improve your access to your chosen location.

As each store can be bespoke it will take a couple of weeks to build, but you will be pleased with the result.

Log store-built-quality-colchester

Having an adequate store is the key to ensuring you don’t run out of quality seasoned logs.  Generally our store can accommodate 3m3 of logs.



To fabricate and construct this store at your home – £350

Contact us for your bespoke, unique and quality store; 07815 683197

Processing to keep you warm.

We’re still hard at it!


We’ve been chopping our seasoned hardwood logs to keep on top of the demanding supply for our valued customers old and new.






We even had chance to take a break on this unusual dry day!

As you can see plenty more logs ready to fill your log stores.

We take them down as well!

We are branching out into tree surgery!

As well as delivering seasoned hardwood logs we also can prune, remove or shape your existing trees.


As we are aware that trees are a sensitive subject using the latest technology we can give you an idea of what your treasured tree’s or bushes will look like before we even start.


Colchester-tree surgery-tree removal














We hold climbing certification, powered access certification and are fully insured. If you want the un seasoned wood we will log and put in your storage ready for the following year or we can take the wood and give a discounted rate for the work.


Give us a try…..you’ll be glad you did!Tree surgery-colchester-firewood-damage

Respect is due!

Colchester-Log-Delivery-firewoodThank you to this massive standing dead Oak tree for providing us with some excellent firewood!

It was felled due to being unsafe and was an amazing towering giant.

Gave a large shudder when it hit the ground!

Although dead most isn’t at the right moisture content so will be keeping somebody warm next year!

Swedish Log Candles – fire for your summertime!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOh the British summer! Take the chill out of a summer’s evening with our Swedish candles.

One Man and His Log make Swedish candles by carving local firewood and creating a wick. The candle lights the wood, creating a slow burning garden feature which gives off a gentle heat.








What better than a flickering flame whilst you enjoy a well deserved drink after a long day!






Log- Delivered-Colchester-Candle



Each of these hand-crafted garden gems are just £7.50 each.

Get the summer started – order yours at wood@onemanandhislog.comLog- candle - colchester - delivered


Stacked logs

Stacked logs make a wonderful feature in any living or garden area – one of the reasons why we always offer to stack the logs when we deliver them to you.

Some people even say that our log stacking is a work of art! We’re not sure about that but we do try to make them look good.

Here are some of our recent deliveries for you to judge yourself. Call us on +44- (0)7815-683197 today to stock up and stack up!

Note – We discovered a picture of the most amazing leaf-shaped log pile the other day. This has inspired us to get more creative. Watch this space!

A stack of firewood

Covered log pile

Large log-pile stacked up

Axe-split logs for consistent quality

We split logs the traditional way… with an axe. This is the best way to ensure consistent quality firewood.

Using the axe to split logs means each of your hardwood logs will be the optimum length and thickness to light and burn well on your open fire.

You will notice the difference in how easily the fire lights and how long the firewood burns – traditional quality logs burn more consistently than the little slivers you often find in machine-processed firewood.

Axe-split logs have the added benefit of looking great too, adding that picturesque country feel to your living room or storage area.

Axe-split logs give consistent quality firewood